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I am a production designer, visdev artist, cinematic storyteller, and painter in the entertainment industry, creating concept art and products for animated features, TV, live action films, indie productions, AR | VR content, immersive experiences, themed parks, interactive games, and publishing. I believe great products and memorable stories are fueled by the passion of their creators.

Clients include:

I recently wrapped up Art Direction on Disney‘s Tree of Life Holiday Show 2019 at Animal Kingdom Park and matte painting for Pixar’s Coco at the Hollywood Bowl.

Prior, I was the production designer on the award-winning, Oscar-qualifying animated short La Noria by Carlos Baena of Pixar, which premiered at Siggraph Vancouver 2018 and is currently winning over 75 awards and screened at over 100 film festivals worldwide.

Previously, I was a project lead and concept artist on GOOGLE’s Daydream AR | VR team, where I worked on:

  • Product pitches and with my team launched the first Google IP of AR Stickers on all Pixel phones.
  • Worked on original concept product and art pitch to CEO Sundar on AR Walking and Animal Character Navigation, demo was featured at Google I|O 2018.
  • VR Environment designs for the Daydream Welcome Homeworld and Expeditions.

Credits include: 

  • Disney’s Tree of Life Holiday Show at Animal Kingdom
  • Pixar’s Coco at the Hollywood Bowl
  • Paramount Pictures – executive visdev pitch artist on four untitled animated features under the”Animation Director’s Project.”
  • Neoglyphic Entertainment – art director on multimedia entertainment franchises; creative content and staff acquired by tech giant.
  • SEGA/ Marza Animation Planet – visdev and color key artist on first feature animation “Space Pirate Captain Harlock,” featured at the 70th Venice International Film Festival (2014).
  • BRC Imagination Arts – lookdev art style and key frame illustrations for immersive interactive museum designs in Washington DC.
  • Facebook game for Don Daglow Entertainment of “Neverwinter Nights”
  • Unicorn Studios– visdev on “Monkey King” animated feature, founded by former EVP of DreamWorks.
  • Her original stop-motion shortfilm, Day Job, self-written and directed in collaboration with Studio X and Academy of Arts, was recently featured on an Apple Inc. interview commercial.

La Noria Film Award Honors:

I am always interested in new daring ventures and challenging opportunities to work alongside a team of creatives in producing memorable visual stories and entertainment franchises. For more information, please contact:
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